Travel back through time – Outlander style

Take in the stunningly beautiful Highlands around Inverness where the Outlander novels are set, and visit the filming locations near Edinburgh in the very heart of Scotland. Walk in the footsteps of Jamie and Claire on an incredible Outlander experience…

One, Two, Four and Six Day Private Outlander Tours
for up to two* people

* If a group of three are happy to share the back seat of a Subaru Outlander 4 x 4 which is very spacious, then three people are welcome to book for exactly the same price as two.

Please contact us if you wish to book for a larger group.

Browse through our tour itinerary options below, then choose your preferred Outlander experience.

Prices quoted are for your tour guides and vehicle, and are not per person.

Days One and Two are based around Inverness and the Highlands, and can be booked separately or together as a One or Two Day Book Locations Tour for £340 per day.

Days Three to Six inclusive are based around Fife and Edinburgh and can be booked as a Four Day Filming Locations Tour for £1,600.

Six Day Tour – or you can immerse yourself in the entire Outlander Experience, combining both the book and filming locations for £2,280. (This six day tour can begin and end either near Edinburgh or in Inverness).

Your Outlander Experience includes a professional quality photographic record of your complete tour.
We also offer a Celtic Handfasting Ceremony to couples who wish to renew their wedding vows whilst on their Outlander Tour.

Overnight accommodation, admission fees and meals are not included.


Do you feel a deep connection with Scotland?
If so, then this tour is for you …

Embark upon a wonderful journey: an Outlander experience with a difference…

You can choose just one or two days touring the book locations in the Highlands, or a four day tour of the filming locations, or you may decide upon the entire six day Outlander Experience to immerse yourself in them all.

Stand where Jamie and Claire once stood, including on the hauntingly beautiful Craigh na Dun, and breathe life into your Outlander experience… (see our gallery).

Enjoy all of this, and take a journey back in time to explore your own Past Lives too. Past life regression is optional, and is explained further in our tour itinerary below.

We are Andrew and Diane Nicholson, husband and wife team, and we are passionate about this beautiful country, its remarkable history, and sharing it with you. So, allow us to bring Diana Gabaldon’s wonderful novels to life, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey in comfort.

Throughout your tour Andy will take professional quality photographs of you in each location, and we will e-mail you a photographic record of your entire Outlander Experience within two weeks. Here is a link to some of the Outlander Tour photos taken of recent clients who have kindly given us permission to share them on social media and on our website (we don’t do that as the norm).

We have quite a story to share about why we love Scotland so much, why we chose to include the option of Past Life Regression on our tours, and why Outlander affected us both so deeply. You can read about it here

Your Outlander Journey…

For our Photographic Gallery of your Outlander Tour locations, click here. 

Day One of your Outlander Tour – Inverness and the Highlands, the book locations…

(This can be booked as a One Day Private Outlander Tour – £340)

This day begins and ends in Inverness. We will collect you from your overnight accommodation in Inverness at 9.15am and finish at around 6.00pm.

Culloden Battlefield – where the last pitched battle was fought on British soil. We will give you a tour of the battlefield and take you to see the Fraser Stone, the gravestone for the Frasers who tragically fell on 16 April 1746.

Wardlaw Mausoleum – the final resting place of 11th Lord Lovat, the ‘Old Fox’, otherwise known as Jamie Fraser’s grandfather in Outlander. We will visit the secret underground chamber that contains his headless body, which was smuggled here after his execution at the Tower of London. His head remained in London. This is often a special highlight for many. The Mausoleum was built as a burial place and shrine to the Clan Fraser.

Standing Stone Clava CairnsClava Cairns – is an exceptionally well-preserved group of prehistoric burial cairns and standing stones which were built around 4000 years ago. They include the famous large ‘split stone’. It’s these stones that lie near Culloden Battlefield, where the sounds of battle would have been heard on that fateful day, just as they were heard as Jamie and Claire said their goodbyes at the stones before he went into battle and she came back through the stone.

Beauly Priory – a beautiful 13th Century ruin where the Lovat Frasers are buried in the Outlander novels. The town of Beauly originates back to the early 13th century when the Priory was first built. An 800 year old Elm Tree stands at the entrance to the grave yard which is thought to be the oldest Elm Tree in Europe. The village was named Beauly after Mary Queen of Scots exclaimed ‘C’est un beau lieu’, which is French for ‘what a beautiful place’ when she visited in the 16th century.

Culloden House – at the time of the Jacobite uprising in 1745-46, Bonnie Prince Charlie used Culloden House as his lodging and battle headquarters prior to the fateful battle on Culloden Moor. As such, Culloden House featured heavily in Outlander towards the end of Series two.

Lallybroch inspired landscape – the beautiful scenery you’ll be travelling through is spectacular Fraser Lovat land, and the very landscape that inspired the setting for Lallybroch in the Outlander novels.

The Real Castle Leoch, Seat of the Clan MacKenzie – home of the Earl of Cromartie. It’s a spectacular castle, filled with history. Ideally, your tour will bring you here during one of the castle’s open days which will allow you to tour inside for a small admission fee. Alternatively, you can enjoy a private tour of Castle Leod with the Chief of the Clan MacKenzie himself for £150 in total, subject to availability. Please note that if you would like to book the private tour, do advise us well in advance, as the demand for these tours is extremely high and the Earl’s schedule fills up very quickly.

Day Two of your Outlander Tour – Inverness and the Highlands…

(This can also be booked as a One Day Private Outlander Tour – £340, or added to Day One’s locations as a Two Day Tour – £680)

This day begins and ends in Inverness. We will collect you from your overnight accommodation in Inverness at 9.15am and finish at around 5.30pm.

Past Life Regression – the first item on your itinerary for today is your own journey back in time… your past life regression, which will be held in a quiet, tranquil place in Culloden. This is optional, so it’s at your discretion whether you’d like to experience the past life regression or not. It doesn’t cost anything extra, so it’s open to you should you wish to try it. If you are touring with your partner or friend, then some or all of you are welcome to partake in the Past Life Regression session as a group if you wish. There are many who feel a deep connection to particular places, yet are unable to explain why, and they find that exploring their past lives answers many questions for them…

Past Life Regression can help you to:

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.
  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places.
  • Explore your past life and current Soulmate experiences.
  • Identify physical ailments you have, which may be remnants of past life experiences.
  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives.

What is Past Life Regression and how does it work? For full details click herewhere you can also listen to a free 20 minute guided relaxation meditation to gain an insight into how a session with Diane would feel. Meantime, you are most welcome to download our free Past Lives Clues Workbook, which will help you begin to join the dots.

Jacobite Weapons Demo – Andy will show you a range of Jacobite weapons and demonstrate how they were used in battle: The Targe, Basket Hilt Broadsword, Flintlock Pistol, Dirk and the Skian Dubh. You’ll also get to see how a Jacobite put his kilt on (just like Jamie’s) from a long length of plaid. The kilt is called a féileadh-mór.

Urquhart Castle, on the banks of Loch Ness – visit the ruins of this medieval fortress which was once one of Scotland’s largest castles. The last of the government troops garrisoned here during the Jacobite Risings and they blew up the castle when they departed. Urquhart’s iconic ruins remain, offering glimpses into medieval times and the lives of its noble residents. It’s here you can walk down to the shores of Loch Ness and look for the ‘Water Horse’ which deeply entranced Claire Randall.

Ness Islands – meander along this beautiful walk, which was the inspiration behind Dragonfly In Amber Part Seven ‘Witch -Hunt’, when Brianna and Roger ‘stroll down the narrow walk by the River Ness’.

Inverness Castle – formerly known as Fort George, was blown up in 1746 during the last stage of the Jacobite Risings by the army of Bonnie Prince Charlie to prevent it falling into the hands of the government troops. The Castle then lay in ruins until 1836 when the South part was rebuilt as a Court House. The Northern part was then built in 1846 and served as a jail until 1903. You are free to visit the Castle viewpoint too, which has recently opened to the public, where you will see magnificent 360 degree views over the city. In order to reach the viewpoint, you’ll walk through the prison cell which was used specifically to hold the rich and wealthy prisoners. There is a £5 admission fee to those wishing to visit the Castle viewpoint.

Inverness, as it was in 1745 – Be prepared to step back in time as we walk you through the streets of Inverness to visit the oldest buildings, those that were here during the 1745 Rebellion. As well as an ancient Church where Jacobite prisoners were executed after the battle, prepare to experience Inverness as very few have. Although the fountain outside Mrs Baird’s Guest House does not stand in Inverness now, it once did, and we will take you to that place, and show you where the ghost would have been seen by Jack Randall. We’ll also visit the oldest public house in Inverness. This pub is known to be haunted. Put it this way, while we were speaking to the Landlord about our tour, the hanging lights directly above us began fizzling and flickering… we have quite a few stories to share with you! After your walking tour through Inverness, you’ll be free to enjoy some time to wander around the shops.

Day Three to Six of your Outlander Tour takes you to Edinburgh and Fife to explore the following filming locations over four days…

(This can be booked as a four day Private Outlander Tour – £1600)

This tour can begin and end either near Edinburgh or in Inverness. Each morning we will collect you from your overnight accommodation at 9.15am and return you there at approximately 6.00pm.

Lallybroch (filming location) – visit the hauntingly beautiful castle used as the filming location for Jamie Fraser’s home, Lallybroch. (Please note, this does close on occasional days for special events, so we will check for you when you book).

The Highland Village used in the Episode ‘Rent’ (filming location) – this is the beautiful 18th century village used as MacKenzie Village in the Outlander episode ‘Rent’. This wonderful village allows you to experience what life was like for Highlanders during the Jacobite period. There is no admission fee, though they do request a donation. (Closed November to March inclusive).

Cranesmuir Church used in the Witch Trials (filming location) – this beautiful church has medieval origins and was used as the location for Cranesmuir Church. This hosted the infamous scenes of Claire and Geillis’s witch trial, where you can stand in the very same pulpit.

The Town used as Inverness (filming location) – this beautiful town substitutes for 1940s and 1960s Inverness in the first and second series. See Mrs. Baird’s Guesthouse; the fountain where the ghost of Jamie looks up at Claire’s room; Fayre Earth Gift Shop was used as Farrell’s Hardware and Furniture Store, and Campbell’s Coffee House and Eatery is Campbell’s Coffee Shop in the TV series. You can enjoy lunch at Mrs Bairds too if you like…

The French Port (filming location) – This picturesque harbour was transformed to portray the French port of Le Havre in the 1740s where Jamie and Claire land when they escape to France. This is where Claire discovers smallpox on the Comte St Germain’s ship.

The Gardens at the Palace of Versailles (filming location) – These beautiful and ornate gardens were used as the gardens of the Palace of Versailles in France. They are one of Europe’s finest examples of a formal garden. (Closed November to April inclusive).

The Monastery where Claire and Murtagh bring Jamie to recover from his prison ordeal (filming location) – This beautiful castle was once a luxurious Renaissance home, and is one of the oldest standing masonry castles in Scotland.

Cranesmuir Village and Square (filming location) – walk through the fictional village of Cranesmuir where Geillis lives. See the square where the young lad’s ear was hammered to the post, and visit the impressive garden where Claire and Geillis gathered herbs. This town also lends its backdrop to the Jacobite encampment and makeshift hospital scenes in series two.

Wentworth Prison (filming location) – The entrance and corridors of this palace were used as Wentworth Prison where Jamie was imprisoned. You’ll be able to step into his cell, and stand upon the same stairs near his cell that Claire did. This impressive 15th century palace was once the royal residence of the Stewart kings and queens, as well as the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

Black Kirk (filming location) – visit the secluded church ruins where Jamie and Claire discover the reason for the nephew’s curse.

Jack Randall’s Fort William HQ (filming location) – This incredible 15th century fortress provides the setting for the Fort William headquarters of Black Jack Randall. This featured the heartbreaking scene of Jamie’s flogging.

Craigh na Dun (filming location) – your Outlander tour would not be complete without a visit to the famous hill used as Craigh na Dun. Of course the standing stones won’t be there, but you’ll be able to stand on that very special hill and take in the breath-taking views and the tangible energy surrounding you…

The Railway Station where Claire and Frank said their goodbyes (filming location) – This picturesque station was transformed into a wartime London railway station for this scene.

Castle Leoch (filming location) – This stunning castle plays a leading role in Outlander as the fictional Castle Leoch, home to Colum MacKenzie and his Clan. It also features in the first episode when Claire and Frank visit the castle when it stands in ruins on their day trip out.

The Chapel where Claire and Jamie hide from the Redcoats (filming location) – Look out of the same window as they watched the Redcoats approaching. This is a beautiful Chapel with an amazing history. (Closed November to March inclusive).

The Home of the Duke of Sandringham – visit this stunning stately home and gardens, which has been used both indoors and outdoors for several Outlander filming locations, including some in Season Three. (Closed October to mid-April inclusive).

Ruthven Barracks – following the Jacobite defeat at Culloden, those men who were lucky enough to escape went to Ruthven where they awaited word from Bonnie Prince Charlie. It is estimated some 2-3,000 men were at Ruthven Barracks when a note was received from the Prince stating ‘Let every man seek his own safety in the best way he can.’ The Jacobites dispersed and the Jacobite cause was all but abandoned. The departing men torched the barracks and the building has remained a ruin ever since. There is no admission fee. Though not a filming location, this is most definitely worth a visit.

For a Photographic Gallery of some of your Outlander Tour locations, click here. 

Your Private Outlander Tour includes:

  • Transport and Tour Guiding to all the above Outlander locations in a very comfortable Subaru Outback 4 x 4.
  • Collection from your hotel or B&B each morning, and drop off at a location of your choice (within reasonable distance) at approximately 6.00pm after your day’s touring.
  • Professional quality photographic record of your complete Outlander Tour. The photographs will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of the completion of your tour.
  • If you wish to experience Past Life Regression, this is included and we will provide a safe environment for your session to take place.

What’s not included: Your travel to Edinburgh or Inverness, admission fees to castles and gardens on the itinerary, and meals and overnight accommodation are not included. There are low cost direct flights from many UK and overseas airports to here in Inverness.

Accommodation: The full Six Day Outlander Experience can begin and end either in Fife (just 14 miles from Edinburgh Airport) or in Inverness. Either way, overnight accommodation will be required in both locations, and we will be advise you which nights need to be booked in each location. We will collect you from your accommodation each morning, and drop you off at a location of your choice (within a reasonable distance) after your day’s touring. You are welcome to choose from many options for overnight accommodation in Inverness, from the luxury option of staying at Culloden House Hotel through to a local B&B. You may even wish to stay in the city centre to enjoy evening walks along the River Ness. The VisitScotland website contains a superb listing of local accommodation, and you can access the list here. It is up to you to organise and pay for your own overnight accommodation direct with the venue of your choice.

If you are booking the four or six day Outlander Tour which is based around Fife and the outskirts of Edinburgh, we would be grateful if you would be willing to stay at the accommodation we suggest, as this is central to each day’s touring itinerary and has been chosen specifically for this reason. If you do wish to stay elsewhere in Fife, we ask that you choose a hotel within four miles of the location we have chosen so the tour itinerary can remain on track. We will of course advise you of this location when you book.

Meals are not included in your tour. We provide a large flask of hot water, along with coffee and a selection of teas in the car as light refreshments. We also provide a large cool bag and cold bottled water. As your Tour Guides, we will bring our own food and refreshments, leaving you free to decide whether you’d like to enjoy a sit-down lunch at one of the locations, or whether you’d like us to take you to a supermarket to purchase a packed lunch to eat later in the day. We will store your packed lunch in the large cool bag until required. You can let us know when we collect you each morning which lunch option you’d prefer for that day, and we will be only too happy to accommodate you.

More details are on our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

To Book your Tour…

How do I book? For all Private Tours, please ensure you agree dates with us prior to booking flights. Simply contact us with your preferred dates and the tour you’d like to book, and we will forward you by email a PayPal invoice for the amount due. PayPal is a quick and simple way to pay in your own currency. You can pay the invoice by debit or credit card and you do not need to have a PayPal account. Simply check your email and follow the instructions. Note: If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please let us know and we will forward our bank details on to you.

If we’re online, you can chat with us live right now using the chat widget on the bottom right of your screen.

Prices in different currencies

One, Two, Four and Six Day Private Outlander Tour Prices shown below in different currencies:

British Pound £340 £680 £1600 £2280
AUD Australian Dollar $557 $1115 $2623 $3738
CAD Canadian Dollar $569 $1137 $2676 $3813
Euro € €393 €786 €1850 €2636
NZD New Zealand Dollar $604 $1208 $2842 $4050
USD US Dollar $ $425 $850 $2000 $2850

Please note that we also offer bespoke Highland tours with digital photography mentoring as an option too. To tailor your own unique Highland Tour, please visit our other website: Highland Personal Development Photography Tours.

My journey back in time…

Andy and Di's wedding in Outlander country by Loch NessThe meaning of ‘Outlander’ is: a foreigner, a stranger.
I am an Outlander here in Scotland in this lifetime, but that wasn’t always the case…

I’m Diane Nicholson. I’ve had several past lives, as I believe we all have. I remember many of them, but one was to shape the events that unfolded in this life-time too…

The first time I came here aged around 20, I cried most of the way back to London in the car. The pull to come back refused to leave me. I couldn’t watch a Scottish film or documentary without crying or feeling overwhelm and recognition. I felt that my ties to Scotland, to Culloden in particular, ran deep in my soul.

One year later in 1989, I bought a new home here. This home was being built on a plot of land right on the edge of Culloden Woods and mid-way between Culloden House and Culloden Battlefield. Everyone told me that I was crazy to leave a well-paid job in finance in the City of London to move 570 miles north to the Highlands of Scotland. I was afraid, of course I was, but to me, not coming felt crazy. I had no idea why, I just had to come here.

The first place I worked when I moved here was at Culloden House Hotel. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was where the Jacobite troops gathered the night before the battle. Far more was to follow…

I’m South African by birth, and moved to Ireland, Wales, London and then here to Scotland aged 22. My family have never had any ties with Scotland. However, ten years after moving here my mother called me and asked “Are you sitting down Di?” I said yes, and she proceeded to tell me that she’d had a professional family tree done, and my direct ancestors on her side of the family were living right here in Culloden, not just Inverness, but Culloden, at the time of the Battle in 1746. They absconded and left for Ireland directly after the battle. The family tree traces my mother’s family through those centuries to present times.

When I moved to Ireland aged 9, I had a natural affinity for Gaelic. For a young South African girl newly in an Irish school, I came top of my class repeatedly in Gaelic. I had no idea why, as I had no such affinity for any other languages. Somehow, Gaelic seemed to pass a language barrier with me.

I remained in my home in Culloden for 17 years until 2007 when I met Andy. The way we connected was so perfectly timed and synchronized, it felt like something greater than us.

The story of how Andy and I found one another while thousands of miles apart, then met just one week later, made the national press. I moved to Warwickshire to live and work with him, and he moved over from Austria where he had been working for 2 years.

I had found my soulmate, but my heart yearned for Scotland. Through those 5 years away from the Highlands I could not bring myself to sell my home in Culloden.

In 2013, something amazing happened. I was able to move back into my Culloden home; this time my soulmate came back with me. This was something I would never have believed possible, but it proved to me that dreams really can come true. He brought me home to Scotland, but neither of us realised at the time that we were in fact both coming home. I can’t even begin to express the joy I felt at being back in the Highlands again.

For years I wasn’t able to remember specific details of my past life here in Scotland, which was strange because I’d had no problem remembering other lives in other places. Still, I intuitively knew that I had lived here, and that it had been as a man, yet clear recollection remained hazy. I would visit certain places and feel a strong recognition that I had been there before, but in a very different capacity. I would feel such a deep sadness in certain places that I didn’t know how to explain to the people I was with why tears were rolling down my face. I was able to list all the places I knew I’d been connected to, whilst having no such recognition or feeling with other places.

The Battle of Culloden memorial cairnThen, after a series of quite incredible co-incidences over a short period of time, everything fell into place. The moment it dawned is ingrained in my memory. From there, like a domino effect, each piece of the puzzle unfolded one by one. I came to remember my life here. I remembered who I was, who I am. I was a Jacobite and fought in the Battle of Culloden. I remember it clearly, and many other things about my life in the Highlands. All of the places I’d visited that held memory for me were indeed places I had been. I spent weeks in a state of awe as everything began to sink in.

So much tied together that it’s left me humbled by just how immense our journeys really are, and by just how strongly our intuition and inner-knowing can guide us. It’s left Andy feeling the same.

The birthmark on my body is precisely where I was wounded in that battle. I’ve always been weak in that area of my body, and now I understand why.

The craziest thing of all… Culloden is not a large area, so it’s very likely that I would have met my own ancestors when they lived here.

Andy lived here in Scotland during that lifetime with me. He did not fight in the battle of Culloden. However, I was present in another lifetime and country when he did fight in battle, and it was devastating to see. I carried a great deal of pain with me because of that, yet until I’d been able to understand and heal that pain, I hadn’t known why I’d had such strong responses when I’d seen similar situations in the movies or on the news, or why I held such a fear of losing him again. It allowed me to release those fears, and the freedom and peace I feel as a result is immense.

Our souls and journey have been entwined for many lessons on one incredibly beautiful journey.  It is too long a journey to explain in much more depth here…

I believe that we all have these journeys. Mine has guided me home to heal the past; a healing that needed to take place. Now that I can remember, I have been able to heal and understand in far greater depth who I am. So much makes sense to me now.

From the first week we began Outlander: The Past Lives Experience, we began receiving emails from people all over the world, who felt a similar connection to Scotland.


We have a fantastic Outlander: The Past Lives Experience Group Tour coming up in March 2018. A three day Outlander Tour around the magnificent Highlands, which includes a day trip 'Over the Sea to Skye'....

For only £650... Four nights 4* luxury accommodation at the Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness is included, along with a hearty Scottish breakfast. Also included are all your admission fees to Culloden Battlefield, castles and other locations. We've also decided to treat you to a luxury afternoon tea at the beautiful and historic Culloden House where Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobite men gathered before the fateful battle...

Full details here:

Arrive in Inverness on Monday 19th March 2018, spend the day exploring Inverness at your leisure, then check into your hotel anytime from 3pm. You can enjoy use of the hotel's luxury leisure club and pool facilities, which are also included in your package. We'll collect you after a hearty Scottish breakfast on Tuesday morning, and whisk you away to enjoy three wonderful days stepping right into the heart of Jacobite history and Diana Gabaldon's #Outlander novels...

Also included is a professional photo album of your tour, and of course, your (optional) Past Life Regression...

Your tour guide wears the full Jacobite kilt attire of the 18th century...

It is, without doubt, an Outlander Tour with a difference...

Just 12 places available... all of this for only £650.00, and just a 20% deposit (£130) secures your place.

There are also two private tour options available, both with the same inclusive package:
1.A private group booking for up to 6 people.
2. A private tour booking for a couple.
Either of the private tours can be arranged on dates to suit you.
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A rather beautiful photo of our home town... ... See MoreSee Less

Ever wondered how close Loch Ness is to Inverness? This superb aerial image from Chris Murray Photography answers that question!

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Come on then, let's do this... time for a bit of fun. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes, we had a heavy snow shower this morning...
Huge flakes, turning everything white in less than 15 minutes.
Now it's sunny again.
I love the different seasons we can see in a day...
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Snow has hit the battlefield today! Love how cute it makes the cottage look but if you are planning on visiting please be aware that the car park and paths are unsurprisingly snowy, wet and slippery.

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