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My journey with past lives began way back in 1977, when I was just 9 years old. I’ve remembered one of my past lives very clearly since then. I had so much clarity that I was able to name people I had known, describe and write about experiences in great detail, and even draw them too. Some of the experiences I’d faced in that lifetime had brought very specific fears into this one. I was still carrying some of the pain I had endured, which couldn’t be traced back to any experience in this life. I was also carrying all the wonderful experiences too, a very clear recollection of profound love in particular, which has never left me.

I’ve always felt like an old soul. I carried a sense of fearlessness, and an understanding of a far greater picture, a greater journey, all of which was somewhat unnatural for a child. This has continued throughout my life, and I know no other way of being. A great deal unfolded after that first past life experience, including many memories of other lives. A thread began to run through the learning in those lives, bringing me to exactly where I am now.

I met my soul mate and husband, Andy, in 2007. We connected during a two minute window in time when we were thousands of miles apart. This was not something either of us could have planned ourselves. The timing was uncanny and perfect, the connection made by a series of incredibly timed coincidences, which meant we were able to meet just 7 days after we first connected. This was our one and only opportunity to do so, because Andy was coming back to the UK from Austria for the first time in 18 months, but only for a few days, and he was booked to fly 48 hours after we connected. I booked flights from Inverness to London, and I’ll never forget the first moment I looked into his eyes when we met at the airport. I recognised his soul.

We knew we had to be together, even though it meant both of us moving countries. Five months later when we moved in together, we went through challenges in our relationship. Yet no matter what, we could not separate. Learning how to overcome those challenges took us directly on the path of discovering everything we now teach others. It was, without doubt, the most powerful and incredible learning curve. We gained far greater knowledge and healing than either of us could have done alone, or had we not been through those challenges. It is said that soul mates are brought together to bring to the surface all those parts of ourselves which need to be healed and where karma needs to be resolved. For us, it was absolutely true. We chose to remain together, to grow and learn through those challenges, and we reached a place of profound peace, love and joy. From there everything just blossomed in the most magical way. We learned how to be the best we can be, and how to bring out the best in one another. We found our soul connection, we embraced it, and we began to learn from it.

Andy brought me back to Culloden in February 2013, to the home I had left and loved to be with him. The part we both played in enabling that move to happen was beautiful – I could not have done it without him, and he could not have done it without me. We brought one another ‘home’ to where we both belong.

After uncovering more past life experiences, I was able to look back over this life and pinpoint so many times where I had subconsciously known all about that life, yet hadn’t seemed consciously aware of it at the time. This has enabled me to learn how to trust what I feel and to tune into my intuition and inner-knowing in depth.

One instance of this happened three months before Andy and I connected. I had written a detailed list of who my soul mate was and how our lives would unfold. Back then I thought it was just my law of attraction criteria list, as they were all the rage at the time. My list was 60 items long and very detailed, yet it didn’t feel at all unrealistic to me. Andy was everything on that list – quite spookily so! When he and I re-read that list again some years later, it gave us both goosebumps, because it was a detailed description of not only him, but of our relationship, our business, our home here in Culloden, and of how our lives were to unfold. The details were too many to be coincidental. I had always known who he was and when he was coming into my life again. I just knew. It was an agreement we had already made before we came into this life.

I have been through many past life regressions and uncovered many previous lives with Andy and other members of my soul family. These past life experiences are all incredibly clear and have had a deep and profound impact on my conscious awareness. I uncovered soul bonds and a journey far greater than the one I was experiencing in purely this life. These regressions explained patterns which had shown up in my relationships with soul family members in this life, and they also explained the personality traits and specific behavioural patterns that I had carried into this life with me.

As a qualified hypnotherapist, I specialise in Past Life Regression and provide a safe space for clients to take their journey through time. Some have seen their love soulmate for the first time, and sometimes in more than one lifetime. Others have released long held pain which has allowed them to move forward with understanding for the first time. Others have finally been able to understand physical ailments they have brought into this lifetime with them, many of which have subsequently healed. Above all, clients have tapped into an incredible strength within, as they come to discover who they are.

I now live in a state of awe at just how immense each of our journeys are. We have all travelled such a unique path, and it is part of our journey to encounter every experience. The learning has been, and continues to be, profound. It has been a beautiful experience reaching a place of teaching it, and in being able to unearth the soul journey for others. Even more beautiful to be doing this with the man who has played such a huge part in my soul journey.

These days, I live in tune with my subconscious knowing and follow every path it guides me on. Wonderful things unfold…

I have little doubt that this knowing is in each and every one of us, yet is drowned out by the stress and noise of daily life. I have a very busy life, but I am always consciously aware of a much greater journey, of a much deeper knowing, and of my soul experience. Now, I live my life as a soul, having a human experience. Just one of many. The soul is everlasting. Thus, I feel no fear because this knowing lives within me above all else.

I have no issue at all with those who don’t believe in past lives, because had I not had these experiences I would most likely doubt it too. Since the age of nine, it’s always been a natural part of my life and it would take something substantial to convince me it doesn’t exist. For me, it exists – without doubt. I could not have known the things I knew, had I not been there. I remember past life experiences in just the same way as I remember what I did yesterday, and I can sense being in a different body, a different mind, yet underpinned with the same soul. The people, the places, the way I felt… those memories are crystal clear, and they never change. This is the difference between memory and imagination – memories don’t change, whereas imagination does.

Incredible journey… really incredible. I believe we all have this journey. It is not just one or two of us. When we get stuck in the problems of life, we forget who we are, and we drown out everything that is connected with our soul. We will have moments of recognition, of yearning, of knowing, which also soon becomes lost in the noise of life. My Past Life Regression book may help you connect with these hidden memories. You can download it here.

In my spare time, I love painting, playing the piano, reading, cooking, tending to my vegetable garden, touring the stunning Scottish Highlands and writing. These are a couple of my paintings.

My training and qualifications include:

  • Dip LC (Inst. LC), (Cert P.H./NLP), (Cert A.H./NLP)
  • Motivation Method Therapist and Coach (M.Dip)
  • Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction)
  • Diploma in Tutoring for the Life Coaching Institute
  • The Enneagram
  • Advanced Leadership Coach
  • Licensed Practitioner in Advanced Hypnotherapy (I specialise in Past Life Regression)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Andy and I were Susan Jeffers’ first ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®’ tutors worldwide, and delivered the Feel the Fear workshop to over 2000 individuals over 7 years.

I’ve been a coach, mentor, trainer, hypnotherapist, entrepreneur and speaker for many years now. I’ve spoken at over 150 events and have delivered hundreds of empowerment workshops. My greatest passion, and indeed my purpose in life, is in helping others awaken. I’ve brought all of this experience together in Outlander: Past Lives Experience, which helps others unearth and understand their soul’s journey.

I’ve coached and trained a wide variety of clients including many couples, company directors, leaders and senior managers, head teachers, a world-champion athlete, teenagers, parents and women suffering from domestic violence. I teach alongside my husband Andy.

Andy too has over 12 years experience as a personal development coach and mentor. He has trained in life coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching, NLP, The Enneagram and PRISM Brain Mapping. For over 30 years Andy has studied and researched human behaviour and human potential in depth, from his BSc(Hons) Sports Science, to positive psychology and some of the latest thinking on relationships and ‘what makes us tick’.


Andy and I have been featured in the following national and local press and radio:

  • Daily Express centre pages.
  • Kindred Spirit Magazine
  • High Spirit Magazine
  • Soul & Spirit Magazine
  • Take A Break Magazine
  • BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire (3 times)
  • MBS Radio (when we were also invited speakers at the largest Mind Body Spirit event in London)
  • North Highland Radio
  • The Highland Times
  • The Highland News
  • Highland Life Magazine

Our story and visionboards are also featured in ‘The Vision Board‘ book by Joyce Schwarz.


If we’re online, you can chat with us live now using the chat widget (bottom right of your screen).

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