Outlander Highland Tour

Take our unique Outlander Highland Tour in the stunningly beautiful Highlands of Scotland the experience of a lifetime…
Visit the locations that inspired Diana Gabaldon to write what became the Outlander series of books and the STARZ TV hit. Plus, take a journey back through time to explore your own past lives and possible soul-mate connections, like Jamie and Claire.

Three Day Private Outlander Tour for one or two persons is £947
Or, book any day’s itinerary as a one day tour for £340 or a two day tour for £670

With Andy and Diane Nicholson


You’ll love this tour if:

  • You love Outlander and can’t wait to experience the places that inspired the books and the filming locations.
  • You feel a deep connection with Scotland and/or The Highlands that you need to explore – an itch that needs scratching!
  • You’d like to explore possible past-life connections, that you feel may include Scotland.
  • You’d like a personalised guided tour experience just for you.

We are husband and wife team, Andrew and Diane Nicholson. We are passionate about this beautiful country, its remarkable history and culture, and we’d love to share our knowledge and passion with you.

As a couple, we have shared many past lives together. One, in particular, had such a powerful impact that it was to determine how this life was to unfold for us. Our story is like Outlander in reverse… We have come back home to Scotland now, in this life, with clear memories of our past lives right here in the Highlands, including at the Battle of Culloden. You can read about our story here.

So, allow us to bring parts of Diana Gabaldon’s wonderful Outlander novels to life for you, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey…

Your Outlander Highland Tour Itinerary

Outlander: The Past Lives Experience – Private 3 Day Tour for up to 2 People (contact regarding booking larger groups – we can certainly accommodate you).

Note: we are able to offer any days of this tour as a single-day tour (£340), or a two-day tour of your choice (£670). 

Lunches are not included; you can decide whether you’d prefer to stop at a restaurant or cafe for lunch, or whether you’d prefer a pre-packed, shop-bought lunch that you can eat on the tour. This you can decide at the start of each day.

Outlander Tour – Day One

We collect you from your overnight accommodation at 9.15am. Then we drive off to:

Castle Leod – Our first stop, Castle Leod, is the inspiration behind Outlander’s Castle Leoch. A MacKenzie stronghold and real-life home of the Earl of Cromartie, Chief of the Clan MacKenzie, it is said to be one of the most beautiful, romantic and unspoilt castles in the Highlands. Diana Gabaldon is officially a guardian of Castle Leod.

Loch Garve – next we’ll take you to visit the picturesque Victorian spa town of Strathpeffer and then on to Loch Garve itself, featured in Outlander as the home of the Water Kelpie (shape-shifting water spirits).

Beauly PrioryBeauly Priory – is a beautiful 13th Century ruin and, according to the Outlander books, it is where the Lovat Frasers are buried. Claire walked around the ruins of  Beauly Priory in Dragonfly in Amber. There are certainly many Frasers buried here. However,  we will take you to where the Lovat Frasers are actually buried later on. We’ll enjoy some lunch in the historic town of Beauly which lies in the heart of Fraser country. Here you can also take some time to explore the picturesque shops. Beauly originates back to the early 13th century when the Priory was first built. An 800-year-old Elm Tree stands at the entrance to the graveyard which is thought to the oldest Elm Tree in Europe. The village was named Beauly after Mary Queen of Scots visited in the 16th century and exclaimed ‘C’est un beau lieu – French for ‘what a beautiful place’.

Lallybroch – although Lallybroch itself does not exist, the landscape you will travel through (spectacular Fraser Lovat land) is the very landscape that inspired the concept of Lallybroch.

Beaufort Castle and Graveyard – the ancestral seat of the Frasers of Lovat, this tour stop is an ancient churchyard. This is not only the real-life burial ground of the Lovat Frasers, but also the final resting place of John Stuart Sobieski, rumoured to be a close relation to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Stuart dynasty.

James Fraser Headstone died 1856 Wardlaw MausoleumWardlaw Mausoleum – said to be the final resting place of the real life ‘Old Fox’, Simon Fraser, portrayed as Jamie Fraser’s grandfather in Outlander. This is a special place; we will visit the secret underground chamber that contains the headless body of the 11th Lord Lovat which was brought here after his execution at the Tower of London. The Mausoleum was built as a burial place and shrine to the Clan Fraser including Simon ‘The Fox’ Fraser. That said, official records have The Fox buried at The Tower of London, where he was executed.

Picture of Bonnie Prince Charlie hangs at Culloden HouseCulloden House Hotel – at the time of the Jacobite uprising in 1745-46, Bonnie Prince Charlie used Culloden House as his lodging and battle headquarters prior to the fateful battle on Culloden Moor. Although not the real house, Culloden House featured heavily in Outlander towards the end of Series two. We have several additional, and very special, surprises for you at Culloden House. You are welcome to enjoy their spectacular afternoon tea for £16 if you wish.

Standing Stone Clava Cairns



Clava Cairns – is an exceptionally well-preserved group of prehistoric burial cairns and standing stones which were built around 4000 years ago. They include the famous large ‘split stone’. It’s these stones that lie near Culloden Battlefield, where the sounds of battle would have been heard on that fateful day, just as they were heard as Jamie and Claire said their goodbye at the stones before he went into battle.

The Duke of Cumberland’s Stone – between Clava and the Battlefield Centre there is a large boulder. A relic of the last Ice Age, the story is that Duke of Cumberland ate breakfast or lunch on top of the boulder on the day of the Battle of Culloden. He may well also have stood on the stone to better view the battle. The words “Cumberland’s Stone” are thought to have been carved into the rock in 1881.

Clan Fraser Memorial StoneCulloden Battlefield – where the last pitched battle was fought on British soil. We will give you a tour of the battlefield and take you to see the Fraser Stone, which is the memorial headstone for the Frasers who tragically fell on 16 April 1746. You are welcome to enjoy the Visitor Centre tour if you wish, for which there’s an admission fee of £11.



We can then either take you back to your overnight accommodation or drop you off at a place of your choice (within reasonable distance).

Day Two of your Outlander Tour

We will collect you from your overnight accommodation at 9.15am. Today’s tour involves some walking, so please ensure you wear walking shoes that will comfortably take you through Culloden Woods and through the city of Inverness.  The walks are not difficult or strenuous, and are on good paths.

Past Life Regression – the first item on your itinerary for today is your own journey back in time… your past life regression, which will be held in a quiet, tranquil place in Culloden. This is optional, so it’s at your discretion whether you’d like to experience the past life regression or not. It doesn’t cost anything extra, so it’s open to you should you wish to try it. If you are touring with your partner or friend, then some or all of you are welcome to partake in the Past Life Regression sessions if you wish, either individually or as a group. There are many who feel a deep connection to particular places, yet are unable to explain why, and they find that exploring their past lives answers many questions for them…

Past Life Regression can help you to:

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.
  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places.
  • Explore your past life and current Soulmate experiences.
  • Identify physical ailments you have, which may be remnants of past life experiences.
  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives.

What is Past Life Regression and how does it work? For full details click herewhere you can also listen to a free 20 minute guided relaxation meditation to gain an insight into how a session with Diane would feel. Meantime, you are most welcome to download our free Past Lives Clues Workbook, which will help you begin to join the dots.

The Prisoner’s Stone and Culloden Woods on the Culloden Trail – take the journey that Jamie Fraser and his men took in Outlander from Culloden House towards the Battlefield, through what is now the stunningly beautiful Culloden Woods. See the famous Prisoner’s stone. Seventeen Jacobites were taken, wounded, at the close of the Battle of Culloden and confined in the dungeon of Culloden House. They were kept there for three days, and then put into two carts and conveyed to the Prisoner’s Stone; against which they were placed and shot. One account by Alexander Bain Sage, a son of one of the men who carted the prisoners to the stone said one man, named Fraser survived and managed to crawl away and escape.

St Mary's Clootie Well CullodenSt Mary’s Well, a Clootie Well in Culloden Woods – visit the natural spring well, a sight of ancient pilgrimage, where the soldiers washed and tended to their wounds after the fateful battle. If you wish to tie a Clootie to one of the surrounding trees during your visit, then do remember to bring a rag with you. Although there is more than one Clootie Well in the area, we think this is likely to be the one that Diana Gabaldon refers to in ‘Drums Of Autumn’. After our walk through the Culloden Trail, we’ll head back to our base in Culloden for tea/coffee and cake (which is included).

Loch Ness – we will take you to the stunning beach at Dores on the banks of Loch Ness, where you can look for the ‘Water Horse’ (Nessie) which deeply entranced Claire Randall. This is also the home of the official Nessie Hunter, Steve Feltham, who you may be able to purchase your own one-off Water Horse from. This is one of the most beautiful and captivating views of Loch Ness from anywhere. You can enjoy lunch at the Dores Inn if you wish, or perhaps a glass of wine overlooking the Loch … or if you prefer, you can wait until you arrive in Inverness which is the next stop on your Outlander tour.

Inverness – we will take you a walking tour through the history of Inverness to visit the oldest buildings, those that were here during Jamie Fraser’s time. Although the Well outside Claire Randall’s hotel is not there now, we will take you to the actual place where the Well used to stand, show you where her hotel room would have been back then and where the ghost was seen by Jack Randall. We’ll also be visiting the oldest public house in Inverness, which is adjacent to where the well once stood. This pub is known to be haunted. Put it this way, while we were speaking to the Landlord about our tour, the hanging lights directly above us began fizzling and flickering… we have quite a few stories to share with you!

Inverness CastleInverness Castle – formerly known as Fort George, was blown up in 1746 during the last stage of the Jacobite Risings by the army of Bonnie Prince Charlie to prevent it falling into the hands of the government troops. The Castle then lay in ruins until 1836 when the South part was rebuilt as a Court House. The Northern part was then built in 1846 and served as a jail until 1903. You are free to visit the Castle viewpoint too, which has recently opened to the public, where you will see magnificent 360 degree views over the city. In order to reach the viewpoint, you’ll walk through the prison cell which was used specifically to hold the rich and wealthy prisoners. There is a £5 admission fee to those wishing to visit the Castle viewpoint.

Ness Islands – time permitting, you can meander along this beautiful walk, which was the inspiration behind Dragonfly In Amber Part Seven ‘Witch -Hunt’, when Brianna and Roger ‘stroll down the narrow walk by the River Ness’. After this, we can either return you to your overnight accommodation, or you can stay on in Inverness to explore further, and perhaps enjoy dinner overlooking the River Ness.

(Please note we have an alternative itinerary for day two if you are not able to walk far, or if the weather is inclement).

Day Three of your Outlander Tour

We will collect you from your overnight accommodation at 9.15am:

Tulloch Ghru  – which will be familiar to anyone who’s seen the opening credits to Outlander. Located on the fringes of Cairngorm National Park, Tulloch Ghru features heavily in several scenes of the Outlander TV series. Aside from featuring in the Credits, the heavily-wooded area is the very one Claire travels through on her way to Castle Leoch with her group of Highlanders.

Ruthven Barracks – following the Jacobite defeat at Culloden, those men who were lucky enough to escape went to Ruthven where they awaited word from Bonnie Prince Charlie. It is estimated some 2-3,000 men were at Ruthven Barracks when a note was received from the Prince stating “Let every man seek his own safety in the best way he can.” The Jacobites dispersed and the Jacobite cause was all but abandoned. The departing men torched the barracks and the building has remained a ruin ever since. We can stop on the way for lunch. There is no admission fee.

Highland Folk Museum – this is the beautiful 18th century village used as MacKenzie Village in the Outlander episode ‘Rent’. This wonderful open air, living history site stretches over a mile and includes a great example of a 1700s Highland township where you can experience what life was like for Highlanders during the Jacobite period. There is no admission fee.

Craig na Dun – your Outlander tour would not be complete without a visit to the actual hill used in the TV series as Craig na Dun. Of course the standing stones won’t be there, but you’ll be able to stand on that very special hill and take in the breath-taking views and the tangible energy surrounding you… and from there, we will head back to Inverness where we can drop you off either at your overnight accommodation, or at a location of your choice.

Throughout your tour Andy will be taking professional quality photographs for you (unless of course you prefer that he doesn’t), and we will send you a photographic record of your entire Outlander Experience.

Your Private Outlander Tour for up to 2 people includes:

  • Transport and Tour Guiding to all the above Outlander locations in a very comfortable Subaru Outback 4 x 4.
  • Collection from your hotel or B&B each morning, and drop off at a location of your choice (within reasonable distance) after your day’s touring.
  • Professional quality photographic record of your complete Outlander Tour. The photographs will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of the completion of your tour.
  • If you wish to experience Past Life Regression, this is included and we will provide a safe environment for your session to take place.

To Book your Tour…

Simply contact us with your preferred dates, and we’ll get the ball rolling immediately.

More details are on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What’s not included: Your travel to Inverness, admission fees, meals and overnight accommodation are not included. There are low cost direct flights from many UK and overseas airports to here in Inverness.

If we’re online, you can chat with us live right now using the chat widget (bottom right of your screen).

Prices in different currencies

Three, Two and One Day Private Outlander Tour Prices shown below in other currencies:

British Pound £947 £670 £340
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CAD Canadian Dollar $1584 $1120 $569
Euro € €1095 €775 €393
NZD New Zealand Dollar $1682 $1190 $604
USD US Dollar $ $1184 $838 $425

Please note that we also offer bespoke Highland tours with digital photography mentoring as an option too. To tailor your own unique Highland Tour, please visit our other website: Highland Personal Development Photography Tours.