Welcome to Outlander: The Past Lives Experience… 

Walk in the footsteps of Jamie and Claire, and embark upon a wonderful journey; an Outlander Tour with a difference!

Whether you wish to visit the filming locations around Edinburgh and Fife, and/or the book locations around Culloden and the Highlands, we will bring your Outlander Tour Experience to life. You’ll travel ‘Over the Sea to Skye’ and through the stunningly beautiful mountains of Glencoe…

Enjoy all of this, and take a journey back through time to explore your own Past Lives too! Past life Regression is optional and explained further in the tour itineraries.

We deliver regular Scheduled Tours, as well as Private Tours on dates to suit you.

We offer a range of One Day Tours around the magnificent Highlands of Scotland and we also specialise in Private Tours for couples who wish to book their tour as a romantic getaway. We can even include a traditional Hand-fasting Ceremony for couples who wish to renew their Wedding Vows whilst on tour.

Our tours are for groups of up to six people. 

Why are our tours so different?

  • We include a professional quality photographic record of your entire tour.
  • We include Past Life Regression on certain tours (this is optional for those who wish to try it and costs nothing extra).
  • Your Guide wears the full Jacobite Kilt, as worn in the 1745 uprising.
  • We include a Jacobite Weapons demonstration.
  • You have two guides on every tour, husband and wife team, to ensure all of your needs are met.

It’s definitely more than just a tour!


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