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My 50th birthday is approaching, and my husband asked me what I’d like. I didn’t have to think twice. “A Targe” I said… “and next year I’ll get a Basket Hilt Broadsword.”

The wonderful man didn’t need to question me. Nor did he think I was silly, or need to ask twice. He knows me so well.

Thank you Andy…

Many thanks to Rab Cairney of for making my Targe, and for granting me permission to use his photos until our Targe arrives…

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  • Rab C

    It’s a great honour to have been chosen to craft your special present, and what a great backdrop for your Blog. The Clava Cairns where the Ancestors rest and where I have spent long hours after paying my respects on Culloden Moor. Alba Gu Brath


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