Andy Nicholson’s been a keen photographer for many years, and it’s been an amazing journey to witness his photography becoming more and more stunning with each passing year. As his partner in life and work, I’ve witnessed how his perception has changed and adapted to allow him to capture the best shot possible. If you’d like to see his Scottish landscape photos, come on over to our Facebook Page once you’ve finished reading below.

Andy’s taken countless photos of our breathtaking Scottish landscapes, and of course he also takes a professional quality set of photos for our tour clients too. This has ended up being something they really treasure.

Below are some photos of one couple who booked a 3 day Private Outlander Tour with us. They received around 200 high quality photos from Andy as a precious memento of their time in Scotland. These are just a few of their photos which we are sharing with their permission…

These are some of Andy’s prize-winning wildlife/action photos…

One thing I’ve loved doing on our private holidays and tours, is taking photos of Andy while he’s taking photos… ‘Capturing the Photographer‘, so to speak. I love these moments in time… Please be aware they won’t be the same quality as his photos, as these are taken with my mobile phone as opposed to this:

But they are photos that I love… so here are some photos of the photographer in action…

And finally, one capturing a photographer capturing the photographer. Andy was doing a photo-shoot for VisitScotland, so yes, this is Andy from the front, and in Jacobite kilt…

A very big thank you to this wonderful man for capturing so much of our beautiful country for others to enjoy.

Here again is a link to our Facebook Page where we share his photos.

From both of us, Andy & Di

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  • Jodi Jones

    Wow beautiful!!!! I say your photos are beautiful too. I think you both do a fabulous job of capturing great beautiful scenes.


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