Six months before Andy and I moved to Inverness, I had past life regression hypnotherapy. In that experience I saw a life lived with him prior to this one. It was all incredibly clear. However, it wasn’t just that experience that blew me away, it was the revelations that followed. I now know we’ve had several previous lifetimes together, but this particular experience was where I ended up on that day…

As I child I’d always had a keen interest in history, and even had a display case with many elements of a life I had remembered from the age of 9. However, I didn’t go there. I went somewhere else entirely. My journey into regression was fast, and the end result bright; I could see, hear and feel everything as if I were right there. What I witnessed came as quite a surprise, and it certainly explained some of my natural responses around certain things that I had brought into this lifetime with me.

A few months later when we moved into our home in Inverness, I came back into the same house that I’d left 5 years earlier to be with Andy. All my possessions were exactly as I’d left them. It wasn’t until I’d been here a few days that I had the time to sit down and really take in my surroundings, looking around at all the possessions I’d left behind years before.

Something dawned on me in a moment of profound clarity… in every room, every single one, there was evidence of the life we’d shared together before. It was unmistakeable. My Soulmate Visionboard, my quest to reconnect with him, had been around me the whole time in glorious 3D, long before we’d found one another. In fact, it was around me long before I even knew I was looking for him! I had been unaware of it on a conscious level. Subconsciously I knew everything – who he was, where we’d lived, and I also knew the life that was about to unfold before us.

That is why I had collected these things, surrounding myself with them. Andy was in every one of them. I’d had no valid reason for collecting these things, other than the moment I set eyes on them, I was drawn to them and unable to walk away until I brought them home.

In April 2007, when I set my intention to connect with my Soulmate, I had no idea that during that same month, Andy was on the top of a mountain in Austria putting the same wish out there into the Universe. Every time I imagined being with him, I imagined being in his arms. I couldn’t picture his face, I focused instead on how I felt. The joy that ran through my being every time I imagined this was like a wave of energy, passing from my toes through to the top of my head…

Back then, I ran a monthly personal development group in Inverness, and when two women in that group mentioned a particular online dating website, I began to get a nagging sensation in the core of my being which wouldn’t subside. This little inner voice kept telling me to join the site. It lasted for days before I finally had the courage to take action. I’d never done anything even remotely like it. So, I joined and wrote up my profile. I spent a while creating a profile that gave a clear message of who I am, and what I was looking for in a man and relationship. Not only that, but what I wanted for my life too.

Andy popped into my inbox just 10 minutes after my profile went live. He’s my one and only experience of online dating. He had signed in for the first time in 8 months at the exact moment my profile went live because a woman from America had sent him a generic hello. There were only a dozen people online at that time, none of whom were the lady who had sent him the initial mail. He saw me, and we connected within minutes. Within half an hour I received a long email from him. I remember getting in my car to go to a hairdressing appointment after reading it, and my hands were shaking. Something inside me just knew. I remember the whole sequence of events like it was yesterday.

That’s the most amazing thing about life… I began to ask myself why it is that I always remember with great clarity the events and people that are about to have a profound effect on my life, whilst the rest just blur into normal memories.

The timing of our connecting was synchronised too. Andy was traveling back to the UK from Austria for the first time in 18 months that very same weekend, so he asked me if I would like to fly to London to meet him. I booked a flight and we met less than one week later. I will never forget how excited and terrified I felt as I walked towards the arrivals gate at the airport. I knew he was just beyond those doors…

There he stood. This lovely handsome smiling hunk of a man. He smiled, took my hand, and I felt utterly safe. I remember that moment so clearly.

A few months later, we both left our respective countries and moved in together, living and working as a team with a joint purpose from the very first day. Our pull to be together was huge… I can’t describe it really. The way we were brought together, the synchronicities, were simply not something we could have planned ourselves. The timing of it all was surreal. If that lady from America had not emailed him at that time, we would not have connected and our future could not have unfolded the way it did, because it’s unlikely he would have signed on again for some time. If we had connected at any other time, we would have missed that one opportunity to meet straight away. Neither of us were remotely interested in a distance online relationship, so it’s very likely we would have fizzled out.

What I’m now acutely aware of is just how much we actually know that we assume we don’t. You see, I also had a list of 60 criteria for my Soulmate which I wrote before meeting him. Yes, it’s a lot I know. But here’s the thing. Andy is every one of those 60 things, without exception, and our lives have unfolded exactly as detailed on the list. I have realised that my criteria weren’t in fact my criteria at all… they were a note of who I already knew he was before we found one another.  I wasn’t just writing up a ‘relationship want list’, I was in fact writing up exactly how my life was to unfold over the coming years, with him in it.

So now I listen to what I know… previously I would have been blissfully unaware of the significance of it. It might have shown up as an inkling, or intuition. Call it what you will, but it’s there. It speaks to me all the time, guiding me as to what is right for me and how the future will unfold. I quieten my mind so as to hear it, then trust its wisdom implicitly. I hold no doubts, no fears about it. My mind and heart are clear to hear its wisdom. The better the place I am in within myself, the more clarity it guides me with. I know everyone has this capability. We just have to stop the noise and choose to listen.

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  • What a WONDERFUL story about you and your soulmate, and how you met in this life !!! <3
    It made me feel very happy and reassured of the things that happen to us in our lives, are meant to be 😉
    Thanks very much for sharing <3
    You´re doing a fantastic job by showing all the people the wonderful places in Scotland…
    I live in Denmark, but have been in Scotland many years ago, and I loved it !!! <3
    I follow you on Facebook 🙂 Here´s my Photoart-Side on Facebook:
    And on Deviant Art:

    Wishing you both the best of all,
    Birgit Klee

  • Theresa Dean

    My husband is my kindred spirit/soul mate and we’ve definitely been together all our lives. In this life we met when we were 17, but our lives intertwined far earlier. He will often tell people that I freak him out because I know exactly what he’s thinking without him having to say a word and often I can feel that he’s near or looking at me, without me actually seeing him. One time we were talking to someone and she looked at us and stated that it was lovely to meet two old souls who’ve been together for many lifetimes. We now live in Scotland and a number of oh my goodness events have happened that have led us to believe that we belong here.

    • That is really lovely Theresa, thank you so much for connecting. Yes, this is the same as us. x


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