Hello friends, we hope that you are well and keeping safe through these incredibly strange times.

We have now rescheduled all of our 2020 tours into 2021 and a few into 2022. We are delivering several additional Seven Day Outlander Tours through 2021 to enable us to accommodate everyone from 2020. We have taken the decision to close our diary to bookings in 2020 until further notice.

Our usual cancellation terms apply. We will continue to review all future tours at 60 days, and if necessary again at 30 days prior to your tour start date. If the pandemic is preventing travel or touring then we will do our best to reschedule you to a future date.

Our Government continues to review lockdown and travel restrictions every three weeks and we need to follow suit.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and we will continue to get through this, one step at a time, one day at a time, and one tour at a time.

If you have a tour booked with us in 2021 and have any questions, please contact us by email using this email address, so that we can keep track of all our clients’ questions in one safe place.

We can make you this promise: Andy and I are a solid team. We have lived and worked together 24/7 for 14 years, so we know one another very well indeed. We are keeping ourselves well isolated and safe.

We will continue to work tooth and nail to get through this, no matter how hard we have to work over the coming years. We are standing stronger than ever as a team to protect you, to protect the business that we love with all our hearts, and to get our beautiful country, Scotland, through these challenging times.

We are going to keep our Outlander Facebook Page alive and vital. We are going to keep posting many of Andy’s tens of thousands of photos of this beautiful country. It has never been so important that we pull together as a collective, so that you can stand on the steps at Lallybroch, drive through the stunning mountains of Glencoe, see the awe-inspiring scenery of Skye…

Together we can ensure that our locations remain open when this ends, that our hotels remain open, and that our tourism industry survives these unprecedented times and can thrive once again.

We wish to thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Please stay safe, and please stay in touch with us…

Andy & Di Nicholson