We have laid out below how we will be approaching our Seven Day Outlander Tour bookings through 2021.

If you have a Scheduled Seven Day Tour booked with us this year, then our usual Terms and Conditions apply. Whether your tour can go ahead is up to our respective Governments, not us, and at this point we simply don’t know when Government restrictions will allow us to deliver tours again. So we are considering each tour 60 days prior to the tour start date, then approaching those booked on each scheduled tour as a collective group to review the situation. Ultimately, if Government restrictions are preventing us from delivering your tour, then we will reschedule you to a future date. If Government restrictions allow us to deliver it, then we’d expect your tour to go ahead as normal.

Please note that we cannot reschedule you to a future tour until 60 days prior to your current tour in 2021. Each Seven Day Tour requires all those booked for it to be viable to deliver. Thus, our Terms and Conditions are there to protect everybody; us and the others booked on your tour if you don’t attend. Rescheduling some people early would impact the viability of running the tour, which would in turn affect the others booked on the tour without their agreement or consent. Therefore, each tour will be reviewed on an individual basis and in date order.

If your 2021 Seven Day Outlander Tour cannot go ahead due to Government restrictions and we need to reschedule it to a future date, then please note that it will be rescheduled at the published website price for the year you are transferring to. So if you are rescheduling your 2021 tour to a 2022 date, then it would be at the published price for 2022. If rescheduling to 2023, then it would be at the published price for 2023. Our costs rise annually and we will also have additional costs in relation to keeping you, the others on your tour and the minibus safe from Covid. These additional costs do need to be reflected in the price of rescheduling tours to dates beyond 2021.

We need to ensure that our touring business continues to survive through the Government restrictions laid down, because we have a responsibility to ensure we’re able to fulfil the tours we have booked over the coming years.

If you have a tour booked with us and have any questions which are not answered above, please contact us by email using this email address, so that we can keep track of all our clients’ questions in one safe place.

We are going to keep our Outlander Facebook Page alive and vital. We are going to keep posting many of Andy’s thousands of photos of this beautiful country. It has never been so important that we pull together as a collective, so that you can stand on the steps at Lallybroch, drive through the stunning mountains of Glencoe, see the awe-inspiring scenery of Skye…

Together we can ensure that our locations remain open as life returns to normal, that our hotels remain open, and that our tourism industry survives these unprecedented times and can thrive once again.

We wish to thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Andy & Di Nicholson