This Virtual Tour takes in the wider area of Culloden, including:

  • Culloden House.
  • Culloden Battlefield.
  • A Church close by with an incredible Clan Chief story to tell.
  • Culloden Woods and the Prisoner’s Stone, where Jacobites were executed… and more…

Discover the events that unfolded at these places, ‘meet’ the people involved, and learn how their stories weaved together to create the remarkable history that changed Scotland forever…

Culloden House – where the Charles Edward Stuart and his Officers stayed, and many of the Jacobites camped, prior to the battle.

Join us for a video tour around the inside of Culloden House and discover the history ‘hidden in plain sight’.

This historic property featured in Dragonfly in Amber (Book 2 of the Outlander Series) in the days prior to the Battle of Culloden (it is a book location, not the filming location).

We have an original first edition Purchasers’ Catalogue of the Valuable Contents of Culloden House from 1745 – 1897, dated July 1897. We’re going to be sharing the contents of the book with you on the Virtual Tour, as they offer a fascinating insight and many incredible photographs of the interior of Culloden House in 1897.

You’ll see the many pages of items found on the battlefield in the aftermath of the battle, all listed in this catalogue, which were also auctioned in 1897. Plus items used by Charles Edward Stuart when he stayed there in the days prior to the Battle of Culloden.

Through the many photos in the catalogue, you’ll be able to compare Culloden House in 2020 to how it looked back in 1897.

Read letters written between Duncan Forbes, the owner of Culloden House, to Simon ‘The Fox’ Fraser, Lord Lovat in the months prior to the Battle of Culloden.

See the original vaults in Culloden House, where Jacobite soldiers were held after the Battle of Culloden before being executed.

The Battle of Culloden

Walk around the Battlefield, as we recount how the battle unfolded on that fateful day in 1746. ‘Meet’ some of the Clan Chiefs of the ’45 at the Memorial to their Clan on the Battlefield.

Hear the stories of a couple of prominent Clan Chiefs, their men and what happened to them during, and after, the battle.

Learn about the real families who lived near the battlefield in the aftermath of Culloden, including the family who lived in Leanach Cottage, which still stands on the battlefield today.

Culloden Woods

Come with us into the heart of Culloden Woods to visit the Prisoner’s stone, where 17 of the Jacobites who’d been held in the vaults at Culloden House in the days after the battle were executed. One escaped, which is how their story came to be told…

Learn about a mysterious circle of trees on a hill, between Culloden House and the Battlefield, which appears on many historic maps and was here at the time of the Battle of Culloden.

Historic Maps

Explore the historic maps we’ve purchased which hold an incredible amount of detail on how the wider area of Culloden looked in 1746. Many maps documented how the battle was laid out and unfolded. Compare how Culloden looked back then, to how it looks now.

This Virtual Tour begins in the days before the Battle of Culloden and ends days after it, as we take you to several historic locations around Culloden itself, which extended beyond the Battlefield, but which all weaved into the history of that day. You will, of course, also tour Culloden Battlefield.

Two Presenters

Through videos and photographs, both Andy and Di deliver this Virtual Tour, giving you a much greater insight and understanding of the wider area of Culloden and how the whole story weaves together…

So come and join us for an immersion into the lives of the people and incredible events which unfolded right here in Culloden. We live between Culloden House and Culloden Battlefield – Di has lived here since 1990 when our home was first built – and there is little doubt that Jacobites would have walked across our land both before and after the battle.

The tour lasts 2 hours, 15 mins.

PRICE – The Culloden Experience Virtual Tour is £10.00, which is approximately $12 USD, €11, $17CAD, $18 AUD or $19 NZD.

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