If you’re hosting a private Outlander or Scottish themed party for a group of friends, or perhaps a special family or work event, then our resident Jacobite, Andrew Nicholson, can entertain your group no matter where you are in the world…

You can hire the kilted Jacobite for two hours for your private event. Andy can join your group over Zoom, which can be connected to a large TV set for live screening from any laptop.

He will then provide a live and interactive Scottish presentation from his home in Culloden which includes:

  • A full weapons demonstration, incorporating the Broadswords from the ’45, the Musket, Flintlock Pistol, the large Brown Bess, the Blunderbuss, Claymore, Duelling Pistols, Lochaber Axe, Powder Horn, Sgian Dubh, the Targe, old style Sporran and more. Your group are free to ask questions as he carries out the demo.
  • Showing your group some wonderful items from his mid-18th century Scottish collection.
  • Demonstrating how the Scottish Jacobite Plaid, or ‘Great Kilt’ was worn.
  • Sharing Scottish tales, like a ‘chat around the fireside’.
  • He can share a whisky tasting with your group if this is something you’d like to include.
  • He can even include some specific Clan history with your group if you provide details of the Clans who will be attending when you request a quote.

TO REQUEST A QUOTE: Contact Andy using the form below with details of the event you’ll be hosting, outlining your specific needs and /or ideas. He will provide a quote and you can decide from there. On acceptance of the quote, Andy will then create a wonderful and entertaining presentation for your group.

Andy will set up the Zoom meeting and, if required, can provide guidance on how to connect the Zoom meeting to a television. He will also have a short 5 minute test run with you beforehand, to make sure it’s all working.

All you need to do is turn up at your event and enjoy the occasion.