Join Andy Nicholson in full Jacobite plaid in his Culloden home, as he takes you on a journey back through time to share with you how the Jacobites dressed and fought.

You’ll see how the Jacobite kilt – also known as a Great Kilt or Feileadh Mor – was worn. Then learn, piece by piece, how the weapons of the 1745 Uprising were used in battle and worn upon the kilt.

Our collection includes a very old Lochaber Axe and an expertly handcrafted Targe signed by one of the most prominent Clan Chiefs in the Highlands…

You’ll even discover how musket shot was made and see a real cannonball.

Andy will also show you some weapons and armoury typical of those used by William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in the 13th and 14th centuries.

This Virtual Tour lasts 2 hours.

This Virtual Tour will soon be available as a 24 hour rental on our Virtual Tours of Scotland website – click here.

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