A National Press Interview, a visit to Culloden Battlefield, a Past Life Regression…
They gave us a double-page spread!

We were interviewed by the National Press on 11th April 2018. A reporter came all the way to Inverness to spend an afternoon with us on Monday 9th April. She was called Lisa – a lovely woman. Although Lisa hadn’t come to experience a tour, she is an Outlander fan, so we took her to Culloden Battlefield and then came home to carry out her Past Life Regression. She wasn’t sure quite what to expect as she had never experienced anything remotely similar before. Most people feel this way before a regression, so it’s entirely normal. She wasn’t even sure whether she believed in past lives or not. This is normal too.

Lisa relaxed very quickly was soon remembering past life experiences which she was able to convey to me with a great deal of clarity. She had several very clear memories of three past lives during her regression with me and she wrote about them on the right hand side of the article below. She remembered being a female twice and a male once. This is normal too – we will all have been men and women in our past lives. The article was published in the National Press on the morning of 11th April, on the first day that we were at the VisitScotland Expo, meeting travel agents from all over the world. The timing was perfect. It’s quite incredible how many people have a deep interest in this.

I’ve remembered several of my past lives, one in particular since the age of nine. The whole concept is entirely normal to me. From the day I shared my past life memories of being here in Culloden I started receiving emails from people all over the world who felt a deep connection with Scotland, but without understanding why. Some have memories, some have feelings and emotions, some have dreams. Although I’ve carried out Past Life Regression with many people on tour, not all of them remember being in Scotland. I have no control over where a client’s subconscious takes them or what memories arise. Neither do they. Their subconscious will only remember what they are ready to face at the time. However, some have remembered being here during that time, and they feel a pull to come back that is very difficult to explain in words. The Past Life Regression element of our tours has been life-changing for many people who weren’t expecting anything at all…

Anyway, here is Lisa’s article which was given a double page spread. Click on the photo to read it.

Would you like to experience Past Life Regression with me?

You can find out more here, where you’ll also be able to download my free Past Life Clues Workbook. You’ll also be able to listen to a free 20 minute guided meditation (not a past life regression) to get a feel for what a session with me would be like. Most of my regressions are carried out one to one, face to face or in a group setting. However, for those who aren’t able to come to Scotland, I carry out a Past Life Regression over FaceTime or Skype.

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Highland Press – more on Past Life Regression…

A couple of years ago the local press sent a reporter to our home for a Past Life Regression. This was before we began running Outlander Tours. She also thoroughly enjoyed her experience and highly recommends giving it a try. You can read her article below.

Meeting Scotland’s Tourism Minister, Fiona Hyslop, and VisitScotland Chief Executive, Malcolm Roughead.

Two genuinely lovely people that we had a pleasure of meeting and speaking with in April 2018, Glasgow. This appeared in the Highland Press. They loved our passion for our touring business, and for what we bring to Scotland.

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Andrew was featured in an Article by VisitScotland. Click on the photo below to read the article.

I managed to take a photo of his photo-shoot with VisitScotland.

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