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  • Pat MacPherson

    Your artistic photography & narratives are so inspiring! Your colors in the ‘magic hours’ are brilliant!
    We lived in Suffolk at RAF Mildenhall in the early 1990s, so made annual pilgrimages to the Highlands. When we saw on Skye sheep with paint splotches, we told our kids, that was so they would make red or blue sweaters from that sheep, don’t think they believed us! At Culloden battlefield, on the large placard the bottom line read, “The MacPhersons’ were called too late to fight” So I figured thats how they survived.
    After recent years of genealogy, we first learned from Canadian cousins that our MacPherson ancestors came across from N. Uist, Hebrides to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It certainly looked like crofters there hung on to life by a thread. Wow, with the MacPherson Clan Museum in Kingnussie, I never imagined ancestors from so far west! Hope I can follow more of your fascinating stories. You don’t have to post all this. Cheers, Pat

    • Many thanks Pat. We love the Clan MacPherson Museum. It has just been re-roofed and revamped. Did you see their recent virtual tour and discussion?


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