Join Andy and Di on a circular walk around Culloden Battlefield from 6am on a misty September morning. We had the place to ourselves.

Beginning and ending at Leanach Cottage, the walk takes in the Hanovarian line first, which is marked with red flags.

From there we turn towards the Well of the Dead where you’ll see the stone which marks where the Chief of the Clan MacGillivray fell.

Then we walk past the mass graves, each marked with the Clan name(s) carved in a stone.

We visit the Memorial Cairn and the Fraser grave stone.

Then we walk towards the Jacobite line, marked with blue flags, where we visit some of the Clan Memorial markers. These tell you which Clan, and how many of their Clan, went into battle from that spot.

Once we reach the end of the Jacobite line, we circle back on a different route to Leanach Cottage.

Please note, there is no sound on this video. We don’t believe that every video needs to be filled with music, and that sometimes sacred places are best experienced in the simplicity of silence to allow one’s own thoughts and emotions to be felt.

Alternatively, you may wish to enjoy a wee dram of your favourite Scotch Whisky (and Slàinte Mhath if you are) while you walk with us, and maybe your own choice of music in the background.

This is filmed at normal walking speed, so the video is 37 minutes and a circular walk around Culloden Battlefield.

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  • Hazel Allen

    I believe Scotland should have a national kilt and Gaelic speaking day for The Battle of Culloden Day… where as many Scottish people that wish to join in … should !

  • Christine Woods

    I loved Out lander ! My favorite show on Netflix!! I cant wait for more!!I tell everyone to watch it ! Hhistory and passion sometimes gorey,really captures the truth ! Make sure children aren’t around . Actors are great !!


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