Come and join us for the longer 42 minute drive through one of the Highland’s most beautiful glens. The River Farrar runs through this Scottish paradise, which is dotted with pinewood remnants of the ancient ‘Forest of Caledon.’ 

This magnificent 14 mile glen is spacious and majestic, and it was once Fraser country. During our visit the pink heather was in full bloom and the scenery changes constantly.

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  • Jennifer Fraser

    Strathfarrar is a stunning place! and so is Affric. Ive spent wandering time in both places. Ive stayed at Eagle Brae a handful of times. So much to explore! Just got off your virtual 18th century tour… Was truly great to see so many places I haven’t seen before. Im like Diane… I always want more once Ive seen a location. I so appreciate you offering the opportunity to be there visually. Its a balm to my soul when I cant be there in person. ??


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