We had a really interesting experience on Culloden Battlefield one morning in October 2018. We arrived with our tour guests first thing in the morning in sunshine.

While we were at the Cairn, a mist rolled in at the pace of a man running. The mist moved only up the Jacobite line, along the path which follows the blue flags and the Clan markers.

If you’ve visited the battlefield you’ll know the path. All of a sudden the mist changed direction, and began ‘charging’ diagonally across the battlefield in exactly the same direction as the Jacobites had at the time of the battle. We stood there in awe, watching what looked liked hundreds of ghosts literally charging in front of us.

You can watch it yourself below…

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  • Jan Macpherson ( Drysdale )

    Thank you for sharing the mist rolling in like ghosts at Culloden- it gave me the shivers. My ancestors the McGillivrays fought there. We were lucky enough to visit there in 2018 aw well. There wasn’t a mist but I felt the the air was full of the lost souls.

    • Thanks for your comment Jan. We’re glad you were able to visit in 2018. You will have seen where the Clan MacGillivray Chief fell, near the Well of the Dead. The air does indeed feel filled with lost souls. It’s a very special place. We’re actually talking about him and what happened to him during and after the battle in our Virtual Tour – The Culloden Experience.


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