Join us on a journey through some of the most beautiful, wild, untamed parts of Scotland. The video features locations around the Highlands, Isle of Skye and the Lowlands…

Photography by Andrew Nicholson. Video by Diane Nicholson

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  • Anne

    Absolutely stunning photography. A lot of those photos could be the west coast of Canada . I knew I was always drawn to the west because of the mountains but I never really connected it to Scotland. It’s my place to go when I can’t get to Scotland. Thanks Andrew and Diane for sharing your beautiful art photos!

  • That was an incredible experience. Thanks for a view of the world through the eyes of Andy Nicholson.

    My favourite image is of the wide rainbow hovering over the water. I’ve never seen such a close view of liquid colour before – spine tingling! Now I can go to bed feeling much calmness and gratitude after a stress-filled day.


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