Welcome to our overview page for the Virtual Tours that we offer. These are online tours that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home on any smart device or computer with a decent internet connection.

We started to create virtual tours during the early stages of the lockdown due to the pandemic. It was a good way to generate some cash and keep people connected to Scotland and give them something to look forward to during the tough times.

Initially, our virtual tours were delivered live over a Zoom meeting.

Due to their success, the demand for more virtual tours and the desire to be able to offer them at a flexible time and date, to suit our worldwide audience, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website and service – Virtual Tours of Scotland.

We will continue to promote our live, Zoom-based tours that are related to Outlander, the Jacobites and 18th century Scotland through this website. There is a page for each of these tours on this menu.

We have also launched www.virtualtoursofscotland.com where you can book our tours either live or watch a recorded version at a time that suits you. These recorded versions are available on a rental basis, for 24 hours, or longer for our longer virtual tours – such as Outlander Distilled.

The new Virtual Tours of Scotland website will feature other virtual tours on different subjects, some of which may only be available as an on-demand recording – what we call video-on-demand (VoD).

Here is a list of our Virtual Tours and whether they are available live and/or on-demand (VoD), with links to each version:

VIRTUAL TOURDurationLive (Zoom)On-demand
Silent Stories from the Loch2.25 hoursYesNo
The Culloden Experience2.5 hoursYesYes
A Virtual Tour of 1740s Scotland2.25 hoursYesYes
A Journey Through 18th century Scotland2.2 hoursYesYes
Meet The Jacobite2 hoursNoSoon
Banter & Blether with Andy & Di1 hourYesSoon
Whisky 101 – An Introduction to Scotch Whisky2 hoursYesYes
Outlander Distilled11 hoursNoYes

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We really appreciate your support by buying our virtual tours. A lot of time and care goes into their production.

In addition to the virtual tours listed above, which you pay for, we have plenty of free content in the following places: