A comprehensive introduction to, and overview of, Scotch whisky.

This Virtual Tour introduces the different types and styles of whisky, the different whisky regions and the ingredients and production of Scotch. It features a number of distilleries from the different regions, ranging from the very traditional to the modern and innovative.

If you are relatively new to whisky, this will provide you with tips on how to increase your appreciation and suggest avenues of exploration to find the best whiskies for you.

Whisky 101 is one hour and 50 minutes. For a much more in-depth production, we have created Outlander Distilled, which is 10 episodes and 11 hours of content on whiskies which is available as a three month rental.

Outlander Distilled was written by Tour Guide Andrew Nicholson who research the subject in depth over many months. Having visited and toured several distilleries, Andrew wanted to expand his knowledge of Scotch. He dedicated his time to learning a great deal more about the subject, not only for himself, but for his tour clients too.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with what Outlander is, it is a series of books and a very popular TV show. The storyline begins in 18th century Scotland.

There are many websites and video channels which discuss Scotch in depth. However, as Andrew did, you’d literally need to spend hundreds of hours watching and reading to build a good appreciation of Scotch and to understand how it differs from other whiskies and distilled spirits.

Whilst you certainly don’t need to be an Outlander fan in order to greatly benefit from Whisky 101 or Outlander Distilled, both Virtual Tours do feature some Outlander-related distilleries and local history.

Whisky 101 and Outlander Distilled are both efficient, well structured and enjoyable ways to increase your knowledge and appreciation of Scotch.

Whisky 101 is available on-demand as a 48 hour rental. You choose when you watch it. You can pause and rewind, watch it more than once etc. Please only book when you are ready to watch, as it is available for 48 hours from the time of purchase.

Purchase Whisky 101 here

If you purchase Whisky 101 as a rental, then we will give you more than your money back in the form of a discount to rent the full Outlander Distilled 10 Episodes for the usual three month rental period.

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